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Federal Tax ReturnApplicable to Form 1040, Form 2555, Form 1116 and Form A and Form B and all other customary FormsTax declaration at the federal level450.00
State Tax ReturnA separate tax declaration is usually required for at least one federal stateTax declaration at individual country level150.00a.
FBARYou have an FBAR to deliver if you are outside the US Have at least one bank account and the account balances of all accounts have exceeded the amount of USD 10,000 in the calendar year in one dayNot relevant for bank deposits in the US because they are automatically reported100.00a.
Form 8938Applicable to financial assets with an overall value above the free-lanceFree-range for singles is USD 200,000 on the last day of the year or 300,000 on a day a year. Freeze for couples who give a US return together is twice as high.10.00b.
Schedule CIncome from self-employed activityA Form C included100.00a.
Schedule DGains or losses from the transaction of its own assets in the year of the tax declarationThe concept of wealth is broad10.00c.
Schedule EProfits or losses from the leasing, from licenses, joint venture or trustsA Form E inclusive100.00d.
No PDFYou send documents by postWe scan the documents by sending them back100.00
AdvisoryPer houraccording to the arrangement150.00
ReferenceA: Please indicate the number if more than one form has to be processed for each tax declaration
B: Please specify the number for each asset above 5 pieces
C: Please indicate the number for transactions higher 5 stubs per tax declaration
D: Please specify the number if more than one source is to be processed per tax declaration