About us

We are a cooperation of German tax advisors and German chartered public auditors with an international focus.

We prepare your US tax returns and are your sole contact for you. We send the processed information to recognized US tax advisors who meet our high quality requirements and with whom we have a cooperation agreement. The US tax consultant submits your US tax return on time.

The reason for this division of the tasks is that the German tax consultant can assess your personal tax situation very well, while the US tax consultant is admitted to the US tax declaration but can not generally appreciate your personal tax situation. We want to avoid these potential misunderstandings – to your advantage and at no extra cost.

Our customers are US-Americans, US-citizens, US Green Card holders and persons who do not hold US citizenship, but who receive US source income in the US. In addition, we will answer any further questions about US tax law.

The focus of our service is on the processing of the Federal US Tax Forms 1040 and 2555 as well as the respective State Tax Forms, as required. Because of this focus, we can create simple US tax declarations very favorably.

Due to the “Foreign-Earned-Income-Exclusion” scheme for US nonresidents with income in Germany of approx. 100,000 USD does not include US tax. In addition, there are other exemptions from the US tax.

We provide expert US tax advice at fair prices, which we publish on our website. With the help of our fee table you know how much you will pay in the end. We focus on long-term customer relationships and work out the best solution for your tax situation.

Please write your questions to info@ustaxreturn.de